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My Philosophy

Support and guidance you deserve

When invited into your home and family as your Doula, I am a friend, mentor, a helping hand, confidante and your biggest cheerleader.  From the physical, to the emotional to the practical, I am dedicated to meeting your unique needs during labor, birth, postpartum and early parenting.  You will be gently encouraged and supported by a non-family, non-judgmental, compassionate and experienced professional who is completely dedicated to your wellbeing.  And extensive research tells us that your birth experience is just better with a Doula on board.

Why personal experience matters

I've been supporting families as a Doula since 2010, birthed 3 amazing kids and personally traveled along the full spectrum of birth experiences from planned homebirth, scheduled cesarean birth, fully medicated VBAC, time in the NICU, to unmedicated hospital vaginal birth.  As a Doula, I've seen and supported countless different kinds of birth, but having walked the walk with my own babies, I feel deeply, physically and emotionally, what all my families are going through.  There's a special level of care and empathy that can only come from personal experience like that.  I owe my kids a big thanks for the craziness of all their wildly different births, which have made me a better Doula....and person in general.  Thanks Juno, Saoirse and Niamh!


I'm Kelly Phipps, a Birth Doula (DONA), Postpartum Doula (Natural Resources), Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (UC San Diego), Childbirth Educator (Lamaze).......and Mom to three great kids.

A little bit about me...


Like many who are called to this amazing profession, I was inspired to become a Doula after I experienced my own birth and transition to parenthood for the first time in 2008.  Added to that was a transformative few years working at Natural Resources, the renowned parenting resource center in San Francisco. 


I originally started out in 2010 as a Postpartum Doula, which allowed me to work around my young family. In 2016, when my youngest child finally started to sleep through the night (!), I trained as a Birth Doula with DONA and am thrilled to be offering comprehensive pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting eduction to families.  


Originally from Ireland, I've called the Bay Area home since 2007 and made the jump North from San Francisco to Marin County in 2013.  I live in Lucas Valley with my English husband Simon and our three young daughters.  When I'm not running around after the three girls, I read too much news, dip in and out of yoga/running, brew beer, play banjo, dabble in abstract art and drink wine with friends.

Kind words

"Kelly will always have a special place in my heart. She was the rock who guided me and my husband through a successful VBAC. She unconditionally and wholeheartedly believed in me and my ability to achieve my desired outcome. She educated us on the details of birth that I craved and guided us on specifics around a VBAC. She listened. She offered unbiased evidence based information. Kelly was committed to our birth process and stayed with us the entire time of our very long hospital labor. My husband will tell anyone who asks that hiring Kelly was the best money we have ever spent. Kelly has a sense of humor that we just love. For us, humor was a requirement in finding the right Doula. Kelly is also professional, organized, loving and graceful. Simply put, Kelly has a passion for helping Mamas and is such a delight to have on your side."  Jenny W

"Kelly embodies warm, nurturing, and attentive support that comes from the heart.  She holds a wealth of knowledge deeply rooted in her own experience as a mother to three, woven together with an ability to support her clients in trusting their own intuition as mothers. She also understands that in a time of information overload, sometimes all a new mother needs is acknowledgement and encouragement. She knows when to offer a sympathetic ear, an educated perspective, or simply a hug and a laugh. Her presence, experience, knowledge, and offering are a truly a gift"- Sally S

"Kelly was a great help that our family couldn't have managed without. She is extremely supportive, has fantastic knowledge about newborns (both due to her experience as a postpartum doula and because she is a fantastic mother of three kids herself). Kelly has an eye for the little details, but most importantly, things that you need when you just became a mother/ father. She is a great communicator and does everything with love and from the bottom of her heart. And she makes the best sandwiches and salads with whatever the fridge has to offer! As a family, we can only say that we couldn't have done without her. She was a great asset in a tough phase with preemie twins" - Anna R

Philosophy on Birth


One of the first things folks like to ask a Doula is what her birth or parenting philosophy is.  It's a great question.  For me, the short answer is that I don't have a birth or parenting philosophy at all. Sure, there is a specific approach to birth and mothering that I've chosen for my own children and family, but this is YOUR family and YOUR birth experience.  You, your baby and your birth are unique and my role is essentially to meet you where you are rather than enforce any agenda.  


What I do believe in however, is you, your baby, the strength of your body and the birth process.  I am simply here to support you, without judgment, no matter what path you choose or birth outcome you have.  So whether this is your first or fifth pregnancy, whether you plan to birth your baby without medication at home or a birth center, decide on an epidural at the hospital, work towards a VBAC or schedule a cesarean, I will be there for you every step of the way.







A few thoughts to share on Birth

  • This is YOUR journey

  • Your needs and your family are unique

  • Birth is normal and unpredictable

  • A birthing parent is strong and capable

  • Trust the birth process 

  • Trust your body

Philosophy on Postpartum


In the postpartum period, all new parents, no matter how prepared or competent or experienced, need to be nurtured and supported.  Again, there is no great overarching philosophy here, other than being dedicated to offering you evidence-based information, while expertly offering loving support and guidance, without expectation or judgment.  Postpartum is a wild time and it's normal to feel overwhelmed.  However, I believe parents already have a huge wealth of innate parenting wisdom and it's part of my role to gently help you discover and nurture that instinct as you develop your unique parenting style.

  • You are the expert on your baby

  • Your baby is unique

  • Breastfeeding is best, but you will not be judged for feeding your baby with love by alternative means

  • Postpartum should be planned for, just as birth is

A few thoughts on Postpartum

On Full Spectrum Services

As a full spectrum Doula, I believe in expanding and building on the traditional model of Doula care to serve and support individuals and families experiencing miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth.  Although not every pregnancy ends in the birth of a baby, every pregnancy does have a postpartum period.  I also believe in offering compassionate care to those going through the IVF, adoption or surrogacy processes.

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