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Birth Packages

It's a great idea to start thinking about Birth Doula support early in pregnancy. Custom packages and pricing are available for those managing high-risk pregnancies, scheduling cesarean births or those welcoming their second (or third or fourth!) babies.  Please reach out and we can talk more about your unique needs.
Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from me as you prepare to meet your baby;
Birth Support Package 
  • Free in-person consultation

  • 3 private, in-depth prenatal consultations in your home

  • On-call phone, text and email support throughout the remainder of your pregnancy

  • On-call from 38-42 weeks

  • Emotional and physical support during labor and birth; I am with you when you need me (including home visits during early labor for local families) - no restrictions about being in active labor before I join you

  • Support during immediate postpartum (including breastfeeding guidance) after your baby is born, up to 2 hours

  • Back-up Doula in the unlikely event that I am unavailable

  • A birth timeline; email/print record of key events during your labor

  • Postpartum visit within the first week of baby's birthday

  • Out of network provider billing for your insurance company

Postpartum Package

It's OK if you're not sure how much support you're going to need when your baby arrives.  I usually suggest we sign up for 12hrs initially (that's 4 visits).  It's the bare minimum I need to get a good sense of how you and your newly expanded family are doing.  After that, we can re-evaluate and move to a week by week/as needed basis (depending on my availability) so you are not 'on the hook' for a bunch of additional hours that you may not need.

  • In-depth prenatal consultation and home visit prior to your baby's birth

  • Preparation and review of your Postpartum Plan

  • 3 hour minimum per visit

  • 12hr minimum initial contract 

  • Phone/Text/Email/Facetime access in the lead-up to and following baby's arrival

  • Meet you where you are; you and your baby will usually set the agenda

  • Help birthing parent to care for their postpartum body after vaginal/cesarean birth

  • Encourage bonding with your new baby

  • Support co-parent/partner and sibling(s) in their new role

  • Establish calm in the home

  • Feeding support (breast/bottle) and guidance, breast and nipple care - I am a Certified Lactation Educator (CLEC) 

  • Birth story processing

  • Normalizing emotional adjustment and keeping an informed watch for postpartum mood challenges

  • Nutrition and hydration advice

  • Safe infant sleep practices

  • Information on best baby care recommendations, soothing techniques etc.

  • Advice on baby/nursery gear

  • Preparation of light meals

  • Create opportunities for parent(s) to rest

  • Create opportunities for parent(s) to spend time with siblings

  • Help establish new routines

  • Connect with local services, groups, resources

Add Doula support to your registry!


It can be a really smart and effective way of making things more affordable.  And it beats getting 50 cute onesies that your little one will quickly grow out of!

Childbirth Prep & Breastfeeding Classes at home

There are two core classes that all expectant families should consider taking before labor; Breastfeeding and Childbirth Preparation.  There are many fantastic options for both locally, but sometimes finding a time that works can be tricky.  I'm happy to come to your home and offer you 1:1, individually tailored classes that work for your schedule;

  • Childbirth Prep Basics - 2hrs

  • Breastfeeding 101 - 1.5hrs

  • Text/email follow up with any questions

  • All educational materials and handouts provided

New Parent Consults

These are one-off visits where we get to hang out for a couple of hours and you get to ask all the questions you have about new parenthood, breastfeeding, newborn care, birth recovery, new family dynamics...and of course, sleep. Great for families who are looking for a little extra reassurance, but might not need a regular Postpartum Doula.  

  • 2hr visit in your home

  • Birth story processing

  • Healthy healing and nutrition for the birthing parent 

  • Breastfeeding/feeding evaluation and advice

  • Newborn care guidance

  • Sleep education

  • Navigating new family dynamics

  • Help connect to local resources (find your village!)

  • Meet you where you are and talk through any specific questions/challenges you might have

  • Educational/informational handouts and resources provided as necessary

The small

(but helpful) print...

What's a prenatal consultation?

This is where I come to meet you, usually in the comfort of your home. The first consultation is a 'getting to know you' session, where we check in about your pregnancy, talk about your wishes for the birth and begin work on your birth preferences and birth strategy.  The second consultation is a time for us to reconnect, revisit your birth plan, talk about and practice labor comfort measures.  During our final meeting, we will talk about establishing a plan for support during the immediate postpartum period (Postpartum Plan), check that you have all the necessary baby gear and answer any remaining questions you might have.


What does on-call phone and email support throughout the last weeks of pregnancy look like?


This means that you can call me or email me any time, for any reason.  Whether it's to ask questions about baby slings or breastfeeding, or even if it's just to vent and let loose emotionally, I am here for you!


What does doula support look like during very early labor?


I encourage the birthing parent to be in touch with me at any time during the day or night when they think labor is starting.  We will speak on the phone (if you have a birth partner/co-parent, I will also check in with them) and talk about what's going on physically; are you experiencing contractions, has your bag of water released etc. Sometimes you're just trying to establish if "this is it" and that's perfectly ok.  If you're having contractions, we'll time them together.  We might also talk about calling your care provider to let them know that you are in labor and check their admittance policy (see below).  It's basically a time for reassurance and EXCITEMENT as you start on the journey towards meeting your baby.  Emotionally, I will be there to share in the excitement and trepidation.  Folks usually like to stay at home during these very early hours and I will probably make suggestions like going about your regular daily routine or going to bed and getting some rest if it's in the night time hours.  


How will I know when to go to the hospital/birth center?


Most birth locations have their own admittance policy.  You can easily check this by making a quick phonecall to your chosen birth location or even asking your prenatal care provider at one of your prenatal check ups.


When do you arrive to our home/birthing center/hospital?


I will come to you at any point when you feel like you need my support, be it from the first moments of labor to the final stages.  Folks are very individual when it comes to this; some families like to go it alone for a long time, others like the reassurance of additional support from the get-go.  So I leave it entirely up to you.  Most families are happy for me to meet them at their birth location when labor is more established.  It really depends on how comfortable you are when you're laboring.  In the rare event that I cannot be with you for your birth, a back-up Doula will be provided.


What do you actually do during active labor and birth?


  • round the clock emotional support; lots of verbal encouragement and coaching, soothing words, focusing mantras, being fully present with you during every single moment of every single contraction

  • physical support; pain management and comfort measures, massage, aromatherapy, acupressure, positioning, soothing touch, monitoring hydration, 

  • liaising with your care provider and advocating where necessary

  • record keeping for birth timeline, taking photos and video if requested

  • guiding your birth partner and allowing them to rest if your labor is long


How long will you stay after baby is born?


I will stay with you up to 2 hours after your baby is born or until you are settled in and baby has fed for the first time.


What happens at the postpartum visits?

This visit happens at your home, usually within a week or so of your baby's birthday and is an important opportunity to process your birth experience, check how your method of feeding is going and see how your newly expanded family is doing emotionally.   I will observe a nursing session, if you are breastfeeding and offer education, guidance and advice as needed.  We will also go through each moment of your labor and birth and I will share a copy of my notes from your birth as well as any photos or videos that you asked me to take. 

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